Can You Cash a Check at 7-Eleven?

cash a check

Most people don’t associate 7-Eleven with cashing checks. 7-Eleven is more than a typical gas station and convenience store. They cater to their customers and provide various needs.  An added convenience they provide is cashing a check at their locations. Keep reading to find out how to cash a check at 7-Eleven stores. How to Cash … Read: “Can You Cash a Check at 7-Eleven?”

How to Handle a Bounced Check

bounced check

Would you believe it if we said 42% of Millennials still write checks on certain occasions? Believe it or not, big data backs up this shocking fact. The reason why checks continue to persist is because it’s the easiest option aside from cash. There is one problem, though. Checks can bounce, and a bounced check … Read: “How to Handle a Bounced Check”

Money Order vs. Cashier’s Check: What’s the Difference?

cashier's check

Many people don’t know very much about cashier’s checks or have misunderstandings about them. For example, cashier’s checks are really intended to be used for large payments, not everyday use. The world of financial instruments and tools is complicated and always changing. Many people don’t know if these options are even useful in the modern … Read: “Money Order vs. Cashier’s Check: What’s the Difference?”

How to Correctly Write a Check

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Are you wondering how to write a check? In today’s digital society, it has become less common for consumers to write out a check to someone else to pay for goods and services. The average American still writes about 38 checks per year, with some preparing a lot more and others writing out none at … Read: “How to Correctly Write a Check”