7 Eleven Check Cashing

7-Eleven is a globally recognized convenience store chain that caters to a wide range of customer needs. While it’s known for typical convenience store offerings like food and gasoline, it also provides various financial services for its patrons. Among these services, 7-Eleven offers check cashing alternatives. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into what these alternatives entail, any associated fees, and important policies. Read on to gain a thorough understanding of 7-Eleven’s check cashing options.

Can You Cash a Check at Your Local 7-Eleven Store?

Checks can be a bit of a hassle as they represent money you haven’t quite accessed yet. Typically, to turn a check into cash, you’d head to your local bank branch. But what about cashing a check at a 7-Eleven store?

After consulting with 7-Eleven employees and conducting thorough research, it’s confirmed that traditional check cashing isn’t available at 7-Eleven. However, 7-Eleven offers alternative services, primarily the Transact card, which provides viable alternatives for check cashing.

The Transact Card Features:

  • Direct Deposit: Transact cardholders can receive payments directly to their card, including employer paychecks and government payments.
  • Mobile Check Load: The Transact card comes with a mobile app that allows you to scan and deposit checks instantly.
  • Withdraw Funds for Free: Utilize the Mobile Check Load feature to deposit check funds onto your card, then withdraw cash at your nearest 7-Eleven ATM.
  • Access Money 24/7: Use the app or Online Account Center to monitor your Transact card balance and transactions.
  • Send Money: Add friends and family to your Transact account and send them money directly from your card.
  • Pay for Things: Your Transact card can function like a regular card, allowing you to make payments at places that accept MasterCard.

7-Eleven Transact Card Summary

In summary, while traditional check cashing isn’t available at 7-Eleven, the Transact card provides a convenient alternative. Sign up for the card, use the app to deposit checks, and then cash out the funds at your nearest 7-Eleven ATM. Importantly, there are no restrictions on check cashing hours, ensuring access to funds at any time.

7-Eleven Transact Card Fees

It’s essential to note that the Transact Card comes with various fees:

  • Opening an account: Free
  • Replacing your card: $2.95 (applies to lost, damaged, or stolen cards)
  • Withdrawing money from Allpoint Network ATMs: Free
  • Withdrawing money from other ATMs: $2.50
  • Depositing money: Free (with direct deposit)
  • Mobile Check Deposit: Free (though third-party cell phone data fees may apply)
  • Reloading your card: Free (at NetSpend Reload Network locations)
  • Transferring money between accounts: Generally free, but check with your bank for any additional fees

7-Eleven Transact Card Policy/Limits

7-Eleven has policies and limits in place:

  • ATM Withdrawals: Limited to 6 per 24 hours, with a maximum of $940 per day and $325 per withdrawal.
  • Over-the-Counter Cash Withdrawals and Purchases: Limited to $5,000.
  • Loading Money: Up to $7,500 in 24 hours and $15,000 in 30 days.
  • Overall Card Limit: $15,000.


In conclusion, if you’re interested in cashing checks at 7-Eleven, consider applying for a Transact Card via their website. While it offers convenient check depositing options, be mindful of the associated fees and transaction limits. The Transact Card provides a flexible alternative to traditional check cashing, available 24/7 at 7-Eleven ATMs.