Does Family Fare Cash Checks?

These days, several stores around the country offer check cashing services to their regular customers, including Family Fare. They will be explained below if you want to learn more about this store’s check-cashing policies. 

Loyalty History is Important

All Family Fare store locations will base their ability to cash checks on a customer’s specific loyalty history with the franchise. Unfortunately, this means that if you have presented bad checks anywhere in the past or you’re still a relatively new customer to the store, you may not always be able to take advantage of this service. 

In cases where you’ve been a regular shopper at Family Fare, and you happen to be a member of the store’s loyalty program, it will often make the process of converting your checks into cash a lot easier – especially if you carry your loyalty card with you whenever you want to use this service. 

The Policy May Vary Between Store Locations

Although Family Fare is a franchised store, it doesn’t mean all locations will be willing to offer the same check cashing services to all their customers. As such, it’s a good idea to call or inquire at the customer service desk before attempting to cash a check – especially if it’s at a location you may not have visited. 

Regardless of which store location you’d like to use, you will usually be required to present one form of government-issued photo identification and provide your full name, physical address, and current contact number before you can cash any checks. 

Types of Checks that can be Cashed at Family Fare

Family Fare stores can often cash personal, payroll, and stimulus checks. However, terms and conditions may apply when attempting to cash checks of a significant face value. 

Stimulus checks can only be cashed by Family Fare customers who are a part of the store’s loyalty program, and a valid loyalty card will need to be produced when the transaction is processed. The highest face value stimulus check that any Family Fare store can exchange for cash is $100,000. However, this policy could change anytime, so confirming with a particular store location is recommended beforehand.


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