Does Giant Food Stores Cash Checks?

MD: Giant Food Stores cashes various types of checks.

If you have received any personal, payroll, welfare, stimulus, or other government checks, you’ll most likely be searching for the most convenient location to cash it as efficiently as possible. Giant Food Stores has several locations throughout Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, and Virginia. This franchise can usually assist with cashing virtually any type of check you may have received. 

Store Policies May Vary

Regardless of the type of check you’d like to cash at Giant Food Stores, you must present a valid identification document such as a government-issued photo ID card or driver’s license. In most cases, you will also need to supply your full name, physical address, and contact number to complete the check-cashing process. You will also need to be over the age of 18 years and ensure that the check you’re attempting to cash is in your name. 

Although the store can cash several different checks, you will need to obtain preapproval if you intend to cash anything other than a personal check at any of their branches. In addition, you’ll have to apply for the store’s Payroll and Business Check Cashing Card. The company also uses the TeleCheck verification system to ensure that checks are not fraudulent. 

You will be required to sign and endorse any check you intend to cash at Giant Food Stores locations, and fees will be charged for this service. Although these fees can sometimes vary depending on store location, it usually averages between $1 and $1.50 for each cashed check. There is also no limit on the face value of checks that the store can cash. However, keep in mind that the store may impose a limit in this regard depending on your current TeleCheck profile. 

Checks can be cashed at Giant Food Stores during their regular business hours, making them one of the more convenient options for getting checks cashed. Keep in mind that these store locations will not be willing to accept pre- or postdated checks, insurance checks, foreign checks, and any two-party checks.

In cases where your profile does not appear in the TeleCheck system, you may still be able to cash your check at Giant Food Stores, provided that you can produce some form of government-issued photo ID at the time of transaction.