Does Hannaford Cash Checks?

If you have a Hannaford food retail store nearby, chances are that you’ve been wondering whether they offer any check cashing services or not. Although this franchise can convert checks to cash at most of their locations, customers may need to confirm whether a specific store will be able to assist or not – especially if they are visiting a branch for the first time. 

Some Limitations May Apply

As with any other store in the U.S. that offers check cashing, Hannaford has some regulations regarding the provision of these services to their customers. 

Although you can often cash a check here during the store’s regular opening hours, it’s recommended that you try to perform this service between 8 am and p.m. during the day. This will ensure that someone can assist you as efficiently as possible. 

Keep in mind that fees may sometimes be charged for this service as well. In most cases, you’ll pay a flat fee of $1 to cash your check, and checks of up to $1,000 face value may be cashed at Hannaford store locations. However, in most cases, you can cash personal, payroll, and some stimulus checks. It’s also crucial to note that these stores will not accept handwritten checks – only printed checks are deemed acceptable.

Identification Required

Hannaford store locations will require government-issued photo identification at the time of cashing your check, regardless of its amount or the type of check. This is to remain compliant with current banking industry policies. 

If you intend to pay for goods with a check or write a check to cash at these stores, you’ll need to adhere to their policy of using an electronic system to scan and sign them. This prevents any errors from being made when filling them out. In addition, you will generally need to be over the age of 18 years to make use of the check cashing services at these – and virtually any other – stores that offer this service.

If you’re unsure whether your local Hannaford cashes checks, it’s recommended that you call ahead to inquire or visit their customer service portal beforehand. A store employee will be able to provide you with the information you need regarding check limits and the types of checks that a specific location will be willing to assist you with.