Does Schnucks Cash Checks?

Schnucks cashes some types of checks.

Schnucks Check Cashing

When customers attempt to cash checks at Schnucks, they are often surprised to find that only some types of checks can be processed at these stores. Only personal checks that have a dollar value of $100 or less can usually be cashed at any Schnucks location, and prior approval is always required to use this service.

Customers who want to cash checks at Schnucks must visit the customer service desk beforehand to make an application to qualify for this service. In most cases, it takes approximately a week for approval to be granted and for a check to be cashed.

Customers who would like to cash personal checks at Schnucks will also be charged a minimum fee of $1.50 for this service. However, anyone who is over the age of 65 will usually be exempted from having to pay the required check-cashing fees though. It’s also important to keep in mind that any customer who wants to cash personal checks at any Schnucks location will have to provide some form of photo identification in order for the transaction to be completed.