Does Target Cash Checks?

With checks being such a popular way to pay for various products and services, it’s understandable that several stores and franchises offer dedicated check-cashing services to their customers. This has resulted in many individuals asking whether Target also offers check-cashing services. Unfortunately, Target does not provide any check cashing service at its current locations. 

Personal Checks for Payments

Although Target does not cash any checks at store locations, the franchise is willing to accept personal checks as a form of payment for goods purchased in their stores. Target will not carry any checks for online purchases, though.

Suppose you would like to pay for shopping at any Target store with a personal check. In that case, you must produce one form of a government-issued photo ID and be willing to let your check be processed through the Certegy third-party check verification service. Failure to show your photo ID will prevent you from being able to pay by check in-store. 

No minimum purchase amount applies if you intend to pay with a personal check at any Target store. 

Ensure that Sufficient Funds are Available

If you plan on paying for your shopping at your local Target store, you’ll need to ensure that you have sufficient funds in your bank account to cover the check cost because this franchise may sometimes deduct the cost of your purchase on the same day. In cases where there are insufficient funds in your account to cover the value of your check, Target will charge a $30 penalty fee – and this could also hinder your ability to pay in-store by check for any future purchases. 

Remember that Target will only be willing to accept personal checks from US-based bank accounts. Although some locations sometimes carry business checks, you must confirm this with your local store beforehand. Target will also not accept foreign, traveler’s cashier’s, or other types of checks – only personal checks can be used. 

Although there may be fees associated with paying for your purchase by check, you must confirm this with your banking institution and/or the customer service desk at your local store. This will help ensure that your check is processed quickly and conveniently.