What You Need to Know About Walgreens Check Cashing

The first Walgreens opened over 100 years ago, in 1901. Since then, people have been using this pharmacy to buy items, fill prescriptions, and develop pictures. 

Besides Walgreens’s retail services, it also provides customers with money services. One of those services is cashing a check. 

Before using a Walgreens check cashing service, you must know how it works. In this helpful guide, we walk you through everything you need to know to cash a check at Walgreens. 

Types of Checks Walgreens Cashes 

Cashing checks at Walgreens is something that you can do, but this service has some parameters. Most Walgreens will cash payroll and checks issued by the government. They can only cash up to $2500 daily from these checks, so you may need to cash it elsewhere if yours is more. 

You can also cash personal checks, money orders, and cashier’s checks. Each state has a specific limit on how much cash you can take from these checks daily. Check with your state to know how much money you can get.  

How to Cash a Check at Walgreens 

Using Walgreens check cashing services is simple! When you are ready to cash your check, you’ll first head to the cashier. You need a valid ID and a check with a signed back. 

Your cashier will then make sure your information is correct. After that, the cashier will take your check and complete the transaction. 

Cashing a check is free at Walgreens for up to $500. If your check goes over that amount, a $5 fee will apply for every $100 that the check is. For example, a $800 check would cost you $40 to cash. 

Tips and Tricks to Cashing Your Check at Walgreens

While cashing your check is easy, there are some specifics you need to know about. 


You have to be at least 18 years old when you go to cash your check. You also need to have a valid form of ID: your ID name and the name on your check need to match before you can cash your check. 


You can use a few different types of IDs to cash your check at Walgreens. You can use a passport or state ID card if you don’t have a valid ID. 

Choosing a Walgreens Location 

You can cash your check at any Walgreens in the country, but some may be easier to access than others. 

Start by looking up a Walgreens and finding the one nearest to you. Once you’ve located a store, check the hours to ensure you can be there when they are open. Double-check the state rules about how much you can cash. This will help you avoid going to Walgreens only to come back empty-handed. 

Use Walgreens Check Cashing for Easy Access to Your Money

With Walgreens accessible to many people, cashing your check couldn’t be easier. Knowing the Walgreens check cashing service steps will help the process go smoothly next time you need to use it. 

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