Check Cashing Apps That Don’t Use Ingo

Exploring Alternative Check Cashing Apps Beyond Ingo

In an increasingly digital world, the convenience of check cashing apps has revolutionized the way we handle financial transactions. While Ingo is a well-known and widely used check cashing app, there are several alternatives available that offer similar features without the need for Ingo. In this article, we will delve into some of the popular check cashing apps that provide a hassle-free experience, enabling users to cash their checks conveniently and securely.


PayPal, a renowned digital payment platform, offers a check cashing feature through its mobile app. With the PayPal app, users can cash their checks without relying on Ingo or any other third-party service. To get started, users simply need to download the PayPal app, sign up for a PayPal Cash Plus account, and request a PayPal Cash Card. Once approved, they can take a photo of their check using the app and receive the funds directly into their PayPal account. The funds can then be used for online purchases, transferred to a bank account, or withdrawn from ATMs that accept PayPal Cash Card withdrawals.

ACE Flare

ACE Flare is another alternative to Ingo that offers a comprehensive range of financial services, including check cashing. Through the ACE Flare app, users can deposit checks into their ACE Flare account quickly and conveniently. After downloading the app and opening an account, users can endorse their check, take a photo of both sides and submit it for processing. Once the check is approved, the funds are made available in the user’s account, ready to be accessed through the ACE Flare debit card or other withdrawal methods.

Brink’s Money

Brink’s Money is a popular financial service provider that offers a mobile app for check cashing. Users can easily cash their checks by capturing images of the front and back of the check using the Brink’s Money app. After submitting the check, users can expect the funds to be available within minutes. They can access their funds using the Brink’s Money prepaid debit card, which can be used for purchases, ATM withdrawals, and online transactions. Brink’s Money also provides additional features, such as budgeting tools and savings options, making it a comprehensive financial management solution.


While Ingo has long been associated with check cashing apps, several alternatives provide users with convenient and secure options for cashing checks. PayPal, ACE Flare, and Brink’s Money are just a few examples of these alternative apps that offer streamlined check cashing processes without the need for Ingo. By leveraging the features and capabilities of these apps, users can avoid unnecessary fees and delays often associated with traditional check cashing methods. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, these alternative check cashing apps empower users to manage their finances efficiently and on the go.