Does Martin’s Cash Checks?

If you’ve received any personal or payroll check, chances are you’re looking for a convenient location to have it cashed. Most Martin’s Foods stores will be willing to cash your personal and payroll checks if you aren’t keen to use a bank or dedicated check cashing store for any reason or if Martin’s is simply more convenient for you to use. 

Terms and Conditions May Apply

Before you are allowed to cash a check at Martins, you will need to provide a store loyalty card to prove that you’re a regular customer. This precaution is taken to ensure that the store has your current contact details on hand if your check is returned or rejected for any reason. 

It’s also important to remember that you will be required to pay a check cashing service fee that could vary according to the check type or face value that needs to be cashed. If you’re unsure about the fees that will be charged, it’s recommended that you inquire ahead of time at the customer service station. 

Whether you’d like to cash payroll or personal checks, they will be scanned through a dedicated track device that transmits the information to various third-party check verification services. This will help confirm that the check is valid and can be cashed in the store. 

Check Cashing Policy Could Vary between Stores

Although Martin’s is in a franchise, there may be cases where different store locations have varying policies regarding cashing checks. Some stores may only be able to cash checks of up to a predetermined value, for instance. As such, it’s recommended that you call your local Martin’s ahead of time to confirm whether they have any limitations that apply to their check cashing services. 

In some cases, there may be certain times of day that checks need to be cashed as well. However, this will also depend on your local store’s location and whether they consistently have employees available to provide this service or not. 

Always ensure your store loyalty card with you whenever you want to cash a check at Martin’s. This will help ensure the process goes as quickly and conveniently as possible.