Does Pilot Flying J Cash Checks?

Pilot Flying J cashes checks at all locations for a fee.

Pilot J Check Cashing

Pilot Flying J has a number of locations in 44 US states and offers a number of convenience services to their customers – including cashing checks. There are some points to remember if you intend to try to cash a check at any of them, though.

While Pilot Flying J offers convenient 24-hour check cashing services, customers will need to remember that a fee is usually charged on all checks that are being cashed and that have a value of up to $999.99. However, any customers who purchase a minimum of 25 gallons of fuel from them can cash checks valued up to $200 without having to pay the required fee. 

Pilot Flying J cashes checks from a number of sources as well, including billing companies, making it one of the most popular and convenient locations to use for this service. Photo identification will always be required at any of their locations whenever you intend to cash any check. This form of verification will always be requested from customers to prevent check fraud from taking place.