Does Raley’s Cash Checks?

Raley’s does cash different types of checks. 

Raley’s Check Cashing

If you’re situated anywhere in California, you’ll most likely be wondering if your local Raley’s store will be able to offer you check cashing services. Raley’s is willing to cash checks at their stores, but there are some things to keep in mind when attempting to use this service. 

Raley’s is able to offer their check cashing service at their customer service desks. All you need to do is produce your check, along with a valid form of a photo ID, and your check will be cashed for you. It’s important to remember, though, that this franchise makes use of a biometric system when cashing checks because this helps prevent check-related fraud from taking place. 

Raley’s biometric system works by using an app on your phone to take a photo of your face, and this picture then gets compared to that which is currently on file for any checking accounts you have. Provided that you have the app on your phone, a valid ID, and an unaltered check, you will be able to convert your check into cash quite quickly at these stores.