Does Rosauers Cash Checks?

Rosauers offers to check to cash at most store locations.

Rosauers Check Cashing

Rosauers has stores in Washington, Idaho, and Oregon, and they offer several different customer services, including cashing of checks. However, there may be a few stores that don’t offer the service – so it’s best to call ahead and confirm if you have never cashed a check at your local store before. 

Rosauers locations that offer these services will usually be able to cash a variety of different checks, such as personal checks, payroll checks, and even stimulus checks in some cases. Several of this chain’s regular customers don’t have bank accounts, which is why they offer this service at most of their stores. 

Customers who want to cash payroll checks at any Rosauers location will need to provide positive photo identification and agree to use the Paycheck Secure Check Cashing process to help prevent check fraud with various types of payroll checks. 

Biometrics such as an inkless fingerprint will be required when customers want to cash checks at Rosauers, and customers can also pay for purchases at these stores with a check that they have received.