Does Kwik Trip Cash Checks?

Kwik Trip, a well-known convenience store chain with over 700 locations in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Iowa, provides various services, including check cashing. If you’re considering cashing a check at Kwik Trip, this guide will provide essential information about their policies and requirements.

Types of Checks Accepted

Kwik Trip offers check cashing services exclusively for payroll and government checks. Personal checks, such as those from friends or family members, are not eligible for cashing at Kwik Trip locations.

Identification Requirements

To cash a check at Kwik Trip, you must present a valid photo ID, such as a driver’s license or passport. This identification is essential to confirm your identity and ensure that you are authorized to cash the check.

Additional Information Required

When cashing a check at Kwik Trip, you’ll need to provide specific details, including your name, address, phone number, the check amount, the issuing company or government agency’s name, the check number, and the date. This information is crucial for verifying the check’s authenticity and preventing fraud.

Fee Information

Kwik Trip may charge a fee for their check cashing services. The fee amount can vary based on the check amount and the store’s location. It’s advisable to inquire about the fee before proceeding with the check cashing service to understand its cost.

Check Amount Limits

Kwik Trip may impose limits on the maximum check amounts they can cash. According to their website, the total amount for payroll checks is $2,000, while government checks can be cashed up to $5,000. If your check exceeds these limits, you may need to visit a bank or another financial institution for cashing checks.


In summary, Kwik Trip does offer check cashing services, specifically for payroll and government checks. To utilize this service, you’ll need to provide valid photo identification and essential information about the check, and you may be subject to a fee. Remember that there are limits on check amounts, and personal checks are not eligible for cashing at Kwik Trip. Before heading to a Kwik Trip store for check cashing, confirming their check cashing policies and inquiring about any associated fees is advisable. If you have a personal check or a check exceeding their limits, you may want to consider alternative cashing options like banks or other financial institutions.