Does Randalls Cash Checks?

Randalls cashes checks, but with some limitations.

Randalls Check Cashing

Randalls provides a wide range of different services to their customers, and one of these is the ability to have some of their checks cashed while there. However, there are a few limitations when it comes to getting a check cashed at any of this store’s locations. 

This specific chain of stores will only be willing to cash checks of up to $200 in value for customers. However, it’s essential for the customer to already have a registered account with the store if they intend to attempt to cash checks at any time. As such, you will have to bring along your Randalls account number, as well as a valid form of photo identification, if you would like to take advantage of this service. If you don’t have a registered account or fail to supply your account number when trying to cash your check, the transaction will not be able to be completed. 

If your check has more than a $200 value or you are not an account holder at Randalls, you will have no choice but to get your check cashed at a different store or even a dedicated check cashing facility.